Rapid Dose Therapeutics

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Rapid Dose Therapeutics

Rapid Dose Therapeutics, RDT, is a Canadian bio-technology company which provides disruptive proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes.

Formed because of a recognized need to move drug delivery to a new level. RDT provides product innovation, production, and consultation to the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing industry.

RDT Technology

Proprietary oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system, QuickStrip™, rapidly releases an expansive list of pharmaceuticals, emulsified oils, and a host of over-the-counter medicines. This permits API’s to enter the blood stream through a rapid dose pathway without being degraded or modified by first pass metabolism in the liver.

How rapid is a Rapid Dose Therapeutic? Studies show the QuickStrip™ technology delivery mimics blood concentrations over time to intravenous injection.

Sublingual and transmucosal transport of active molecules result from the rapid dissolution of QuickStrip™ combined with the proprietary technology.

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